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Case Study: Innovative Golf Training Aid Partners with Sevan to get to Market Fast

"Sevan was able to professionally fill all our design & manufacturing needs in one stop. Their team helped us get to market in one-third the time that others were projecting and the work was exceptional." - Chris Chamberlain, CEO, NuPro Golf Products, LLC
Man putting golf ball in Swing Coach Club

About Swing Coach

The Swing Coach Club is the first golf practice club that makes it possible to quickly feel a correct swing as you practice and warm up before a game. Backed by Top 50 golf instructor, Dean Reinmuth, the Swing Coach helps golfers at all levels improve their swing. The club is a regulation-sized golf club that holds a real golf ball in the face of the club with a patented cradle device. The cradle then releases the ball based on your swing and will only release on-line with your target when a technically correct golf swing is achieved. It makes golf game improvement fun and achievable in a timeframe not previously possible. Golfers also have access to video lessons with Dean, as he shows them how to effectively use the Swing Coach and get the most out of their practice.

The Problem

The Swing Coach team "discovered that [they] had a problem when [they] were about four months into the product development process and did not have final pre-production prototypes, had not yet identified a viable manufacturer, and did not have the brand imaging needed in order to start marketing."

When Swing Coach approached Sevan, they had three main goals. First, get a prototype that was representative of the final product; second, find a trustworthy manufacturer; and third, create a brand image that lives up to the quality of the product. Swing Coach had hired other firms to help with the process, but found them incapable of executing on the promises being made despite spending thousands of dollars of their development budget.

The Solution

The Swing Coach team was looking for someone with proven experience that could "point [them] in the right direction quickly and without breaking the bank." We were put in contact with Swing Coach by another client we had worked with previously.

We met with the Swing Coach team to discover exactly what their goals were. We collaboratively assessed what brand image they envisioned, what types of customers were they targeting, and what connections they needed to be successful.

Swing Coach Club with golf ball

Swing Coach already had a stellar product idea and great inventor on their team. What they didn't have was the expertise to actually get a pre-production prototype, make it look good, and get it manufactured economically. We understood that they wanted the Swing Coach to have a world class feel and be something golfers wouldn't be ashamed of carrying in their golf bag and showing their buddies.

Our first step was creating a sleek logo that would be recognizable, but not tacky.

We tested and presented several options to Swing Coach and chose the logo that would represent the brand well to their customer base. Next, we added design to the club itself. We wanted the club to be aesthetically pleasing to the target demographics while still being functional. We then created packaging that served the dual need of being retail shelf worthy but light and durable enough to be shippable without requiring additional outer packaging. Since the Swing Coach Club is such a unique product, the packaging needed to catch the consumer's eye and let the consumer know that what's inside the box actually worked. Making this packaging functional and economical for both physical and online distribution was a challenge that we worked through and successfully achieved.

Swing Coach Club package design

Now that the design was ready to go, it was time to source the materials and get the club manufactured. Since Swing Coach was new to the market and their team hadn't previously worked with manufacturers, they had a difficult time finding a manufacturer they could trust. Sevan leveraged its long-standing relationships with several manufacturers in the U.S. and China and worked closely with the Swing Coach team to get the club manufactured with quality materials and at one-third the cost of what other manufacturers were quoting. We were also able to successfully arrange manufacturing that effectively protected the intellectual property of Swing Coach and ensured a stable relationship for them to rely on as they grew.

The Results

After a branding facelift and getting Swing Coach's manufacturing processes in place, the Swing Coach Club was released for wholesale and direct to consumer sales. Swing Coach has proven to be one of the most successful new physical golf products to be released into the golf market in the last several years. We have worked with Swing Coach to have successful campaigns on the Golf Channel, Revolution Golf, Fox Sports, and with several retailers. We continue to consult with the Swing Coach team and provide them with advertising materials, product updates, and marketing campaign opportunities.

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